Oak Hall Companies, LLC business plan is capitalize on unique market opportunities, by negotiating favorable purchase prices to market value and selling the assemblage(s) to national builders in parcel or in bulk. Oak Hall Companies, LLC expects the market to produce above average returns over the next three (3) years, as the market catches up with demand.

Oak Hall Companies, LLC investment strategy is to identify premium residential and commercial sites, where we can add value through planning, zoning, entitlements and execution of a well thought out plan. Our business is planning communities and great living environments. We are committed to market research following growth trends, product preferences, pricing and product inventories. We want to know our customer and we are committed to delivering the right product at the right time.

We intend to raise equity commitments from private investors and use partnership funding, with a portion of debt, to acquire and develop the land. Oak Hall Companies, LLC has established strong banking relationships, in the Atlanta area and expects to use a combination of P/E and debt financing. We plan to have an ongoing mix of development opportunities, selling entitled land to builders/developers. Each individual project will have a 1 to 3 year investment horizon. Each individual investor will have the opportunity to make their own decision, on investing equity into a particular development based on that developments type and investor return.

Oak Hall Companies, LLC seeks high net worth individuals and/or equity funds. We will balance our development risk with different product types, locations and timelines. Our preferred locations for entitled land will be prominent and easily located sites, in business friendly communities lacking adjacent adverse influences. We will seek a variety of smaller and larger assemblages, intending not to close on a property, until the end buyer is under contract to purchase the improved development.